Modern Kitchen Cabinets: Ikea Alternatives!

Finally, we found some modern cabinets that are stylish that we can actually afford.  Both options are great Ikea alternatives.

1.  Firuze located just outside of DC in Virginia has a few great contemporary lines.  See below.  They are about half of the price of all the other cabinets we’ve shown so far.  Yay for price and style!

Yay for price and style!  The materials are better than Ikea but not by much.  These were not nearly as nice as the other cabinets I’ve shown thus far.  So after MUCH deliberation and thought we ended up going with our now FAVORITE cost effective, modern cabinets which we bought from Porcelenosa.

2.  Porcelenosa is located just outside of Washington DC in Maryland.  It has a small but great showroom.  They carry a line called Gammadecor which is made in Spain.  The selection is huge, the colors are great and the materials still feel very high end.G680

  • G680 Roble verde caqui / Roble natureG680

  • G680 Roble cacao / Roble blanco calG680

  • G680 Roble cacao / Roble blanco calG680

  • G680 Nogal pardo / Yeso brilloG680So glad we don’t have to spend any more weekends cabinet shopping!

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